Financial Planning

Financial Planning involves working with you to assess your goals, stage of life and mapping out a comprehensive, effective strategy to enable you to live the way you wish to live. We've helped hundreds of clients over the years to put in place financial plans to make their life more comfortable and significantly reduce risks – risks that are often unexpected and not originally apparent.

What is the process?

The starting point involves our team gaining a very clear understanding of your financial goals, your current financial position, and assessing the financial risks you currently face – such as loss of income and asset protection.

Next, we take this assessment and develop a financial plan tailored to your individual requirements . These strategies are designed to mitigate risks, develop income streams outside your current employment or business and build assets that will further grow your income stream. This plan is then reviewed with you to ensure it meets your needs – after all, it's your financial future we're working on.

Once approved by you, we then implement the plan and regularly review its progress to ensure it's achieving the results you desire – growing your wealth, protecting your assets and broadening your portfolio and income streams

Common Questions

What is the right age to start planning my financial future?

How old are you now? That's the right age. In essence, the earlier you start, the greater the capacity to build assets and income. We can help you with whatever your stage of life to improve your financial situation.

Am I too old to put a financial plan in place?

No. It's never too late.

Is Financial Planning Expensive?

There are costs involved when developing and implementing a financial plan. However, we should point out that the 'cost' of doing nothing in planning your financial future is likely to be much higher than the cost of setting in place a financial plan and regularly checking on it. Don't look back and say 'I wish I'd just…..', as this may end up being much more expensive when left unattended.

I've already got Super – so I'm OK – Right?

Not always, but that is great that you've started planning for your financial future.

At Brindleys, we recommend you have a financial plan in place that not only provides for income when you retire, but protects your assets, provides alternative income should you not be able to work now and continues to grow an asset base that will provide income for the future – a multifaceted plan.

How do I get started with my financial plan?

The first step we recommend is to Click Here to book an appointment or call us on 02 63 72 1655 to arrange a time for us to get together and understand what you would like to achieve.

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